Business Loans

Whatever your business needs, Hearthside Bank is Always Within Reach® to help you achieve your business' financial goals. If you are a small business just starting out, expanding, or simply needing new equipment, we are here for you. With competitive rates and terms, Hearthside Bank provides you the tools to help make the most of every business opportunity.

Business Letter of Credit

Hearthside Bank will issue standby, financial, or performance Letters of Credit on behalf of a customer to provide an assurance of his ability to perform under contract. This will allow your business to facilitate transactions by offering vendors the assurance of your ability to pay.

Business Term Loan

This loan is based on purchase or refinance of equipment or other business purposes. This business loan offers multiple rate and term combinations structured to match the expected life of the equipment. The Business Term Loan is an alternative for new and existing business customers that are seeking equipment for their business.

Business Line of Credit

Hearthside Bank will issue a variable rate Business Line of Credit that will provide businesses with revolving capital as the need arises. This will give the business the flexibility of choice on fixed or variable rates. With the variable rate commercial lines of credit, the business can use the capital for unexpected emergencies, seasonal needs, or inventory. This loan offers flexibility of principal payments as inventory is turned over. The business loan is an option for new or existing business customers seeking solutions to cash flow needs to purchase seasonal inventory or for business expansion.

Variable Rate Business Real Estate Loan

Hearthside Bank's Variable Rate Business Real Estate Mortgage Loan is a structured loan with a fixed interest rate for a specific period. Amortization periods can vary based on your business needs. This will allow multiple purposes of funds for purchase or refinance. Many businesses will benefit from the flexible time period to repay the loan.

Business Real Estate Construction Loan

Hearthside Bank's Business Real Estate Construction Loan is used to finance the construction of commercial real estate projects with the option of permanent long term financing. We offer multiple interest rates to meet your needs. This loan is a nice prospect for new or existing customers seeking lending for construction or business real estate.

Wherever you are, wherever you go, Hearthside Bank is Always Within Reach®. We are committed to helping businesses in our local community with their lending needs. With locations in Tennessee and Kentucky, we're your local bank that understands the needs of our communities. Whether you're looking for a small business loan or you are a large company looking to expand, our Relationship Bankers can help you with your business loan needs.

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